Web Design Cornwall

Web Design Graphics & Artwork

The graphics and artwork of your web site are very important as they will convey much more to your potential customers than just text alone. The overall colours used in conjunction with your graphics can invoke the right feelings in your web customers to get a sale from their visit.

The use of company colours (ie your Van colours, Stationary colours etc) will give your customers a consistent experience with your business, which will show professionalism & ultimately increase the probability of a sale.

The speed at which pages of your web site load can be greatly affected by the type of graphics & artwork used. The speed at which your web site appears on a potential customers screen is very important, how often have you clicked away from a web site because the page took to long to load.

Graphics & Artwork included with all web site packages.

  • Page Layout
  • Header graphics/image
  • Menu (not animated)
  • 2 simple animations (these animations can be used as little or as often as you like)
  • Background images/ watermarks
  • Basic rollover buttons

Many more options are available including "Flash", "Embedded Video" and "Streaming Video" if required.

If you have any artwork or graphics of your own that you wish to use in your web site we will be happy to accommodate your needs. By this we mean consult with you on how appropriate the images are & optimise them if necessary.

At the beginning of the design process we will need a list of any ideas that you may have on how you want your web site to look. Unless you are happy to leave this in our capable hands. However for best results we recommend that you give us as much information on your business and how it operates as possible.

In the end the real expert of your business and how it operates is you!